Can We be a Little More Conscientious, Please

I'm okay with certain details being fudged in movies. Minor continuity errors always slip by. Little historical inconsistencies are impossible to avoid. Military protocol is never right.

Some things, though, really?

I just saw a movie in which a group of twenty-first century heroes are lauded with a ticker-tape parade. This was not faux ticker-tape, distributed to the people lining the streets for effect. No, the was ticker-tape being thrown from skyscraper windows and raining down to the street from on high.

We, don't use ticker-tape anymore!

What anachronism! Ticker-tape was a product of the pre-computer era. When was the last time you saw a functioning stock ticker anywhere but in a movie? Nobody has them; nobody uses them. Where did all this freaking ticker-tape come from? Did the people making this movie just presume that the people watching it would accept this? Think, people, think.

Alright, that passed.

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1 comment:

RawkStahr said...

That being said, you're still ok with "Infinite Space Whisky (registered trademark)?" Because I think it's starting to bother me more and more now...

I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again after this: Your willing suspension of disbelief is odd sometimes. :oP

(and ticker tape is probably a hell of a lot easier for the crew to clean up than that damn confetti...)