This Is My Least Favorite Kind of Post

And I'm kind of sorry that I'm having to make it at all but I feel I've got some explaining to do. When reading other blogs, I'm often frustrated by posts that interrupt the flow of ideas to give a laundry list of complaints or equivocations about the author's mundane life. That said, I'll keep this brief.

This blog is not widely read but I like to think that it is well regarded by those that do read it and, for my recent silence, I owe an apology to everyone who has honored me with their time and attention. I've now worked three movies back-to-back-to-back with only bank holidays and a four day weekend at New Year's as respite from the work I do love, but that demands more than most are willing to give. Ten uninterrupted months of seventy-plus hour weeks, combined with the emotional weight of relationship tribulations, an ailing parent and the sudden passing of one of my dearest friends has left me creatively drained.

Beginning next week I will avail myself of some well earned time off and I hope to regain my creative composure shortly.

Any blogger who claims they only blog for themselves is a liar. Acting without an audience is just a game of pretend. Music without listeners is naught but a tree in the forest. A film without eyes to see it is firelight in an empty cave and a blog without readers is less than a diary. So thank you to everyone who has kept checking back hoping for a new post and thanks to everyone who will continue to read into the future. My rut is nearly over.

Thanks for sticking with me.

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And Some Days...

You get tired in the late afternoon and nap until midnight, only to find yourself awake in the wee hours with naught to do but smell the air, ignore the cacophony of traffic and wait for the promised rain.

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