I'm Told I Need One of These, so Here it is.

What is this Blog All About?
My original blog, celebrateyourtomness.com, presented me as a mock celebrity. Originally I had grand designs for it but I could never get it to work quite the way I wanted. It never quite looked right. The name was cumbersome. Most people just didn't get the joke. I let the domain expire some time ago in favor of something a bit more serious.

BadassBard has no particular theme, it is a showcase for my essays and commentaries on a myriad of topics. Most posts are analysis of recent experiences or of incidents from my past. I also post about my career as a film and television professional and I give the occasional political opinion.

What is this Blog Not About?
I pledge that I will not post idle internet memes, gossip, minute to minute accounts of my vacation, pictures of celebrities, jokes, reposts of news stories, intellectual pissing matches with other bloggers, linkfests or commentaries on other articles in which most of the post is a cut and paste from the article followed by two sentences of vacuous commentary.

We see these things far too often on other sites. Generally speaking, they are the product of intellectual laziness or of the erroneous presumption that they substitute for actual content. I will only post things that I would actually want to read.

How Did You Get Your Name?
I have a habit of doing theatrical renditions of classic stories and narrative poems at Pagan gatherings around the southeast. As a result, I am often identified as "Bard Thomas" to delineate me from the half dozen or so other folks named Thomas in that same community. Several years ago a close friend of mine gave me a pin bearing those fateful words "Badass Bard." Given my penchant for storytelling and for doing things other people often consider risky, the name seemed appropriate.

Do You Really Work in the Movie Business?
Yes. I am a professional film maker and have been since I finished college. I have worked on more than a dozen feature films as well as a myriad of shorts, commercials, music videos and one television show. I work primarily in production and sound.

Have You Ever Worked With/Do You Know (insert famous peson here)?
I might. I've worked with quite a few people with varying degrees of celebrity.

Will You Get Me an Autograph/Tell Me About Them/Tell Them About ME?

Will You Get Me a Job or Audition?

You Write About Politics Often; What are Your Political Affiliations?
For the record, I am a registered independent and I have been since my eighteenth birthday. I do not associate myself with, nor have I ever been a member of any political party. I happen to think two party politics is a load of bollocks, innately corrupt and actively working against the interests of the citizenry and I think that both the Democrats and Republicans have their heads so far up their asses that they can probably lick their own tonsils.

I am a true liberal, something conspicuously absent from both major parties. Moreover, I feel the definition of liberal has been so tainted by thirty years of spurious rhetoric that I would pick a more appropriate word if there was one in the common vernacular. I have a set of political beliefs that are fundamentally different from those of either party. That having been said, I tend to vote for Democrats because they tend to act, ever so slightly, like the kind of people I want in office than do the Republicans, though often for the wrong reasons.

Or, put more succinctly, I don't vote for Democrats. I vote against Republicans.

What Does Pagan Mean? Are You Wiccan? Can You Teach Me to be Pagan?
We really don't have time for this and there are so many people that have explained this better than I have. No, I won't teach you anything. I'm the last person you want to be your spiritual adviser. Seriously, go to the bookstore. You'll find something.

Can I Ask a Question for the FAQ?
Yes, if enough other people ask it. Feel free to comment here or to send an email to icarusannolds at hotmail dot com.


Anne Johnson said...

I like your weblog because it doesn't have six links in every sentence. I want to read what YOU have to say, from start to finish, without jumping somewhere else. That's the kind of blog I like, and that's why I take a pass on Kos, etc.

kitten said...

I have to take you to task on the FAQ regarding your ability and/or willingness to get people jobs in the film industry, as my name is featured on imdb solely due to your efforts.