A Production Department Brain Teaser

You have a production coordinator, a makeup artist, a producer and an actor that each have a rental car that needs to be returned to a specific lot on the north end of town by the close of business today.

Industry etiquette dictates that none of these people be made to return their own car.

The actor flies out at 1000 hrs & his car is at a downtown hotel.

The makeup artist flies out at 1300 hrs & her car is at an uptown hotel.

The producer flies out at 1700 hrs & his car is in the parking lot of a bar on the east side of town.

The production coordinator lives locally.

The airport is at the south end of town.

Using only two production PA's, how does one get each above the liner to the airport and their car back to the rental lot through Atlanta traffic without incurring late fees or overtime?

Show your work.

1 comment:

Dwight Wannabe said...

I put my pencil down the second I saw the word "Atlanta."

Trick question! In Atlanta it can never be done.

Atlanta traffic is worse than L.A. traffic, and that is saying something.