The Inevitability of History

Unquestionably, today is a landmark day. Doubtless, the California Supreme Court's ruling, unequivocally lifting the ban on same sex marriage, will be a watershed for American family law.

Despite this, I continue to be bothered by the shortsightedness of moral conservatives as they continue to oppose universal enfranchisement of a myriad of social groups.

Much like the bulk of my generation puts as much stock in someone's race or gender as we do in their shoe size, so, too will the next generation find sexual orientation to be equally as irrelevant.

In fifteen years we'll all be embarrassed that we even had to have this debate.

Here's to greater equality.

And here's to power greedy, pig headed, antiAmerican faux moralists learning to just shut the fuck up.

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AZ said...

Well Spoken! Yes!