Mead and the Pyramid.

I asked this question in childhood. When I was still in elementary school I made a bit of a quest out of finding the answer. I consulted dozens of books. I inquired of teachers and I even had my mother call our family doctor to ask. Nobody knew. I never did get a good answer and the question faded from my mind, unanswered. It had gone almost forgotten until the other day when, in a conversation about brewing mead, someone asked the same question of me that I had once asked so many others.

"To which food group does honey belong?"

I had to chuckle at the full circle this question has made with me. Musing for a moment, I replied, "Since almost all of honey's nutritional value comes from carbohydrates, I suppose it would have to go with the breads and the starches but that's just an educated guess."

After twenty years of curiosity, I'm happy with my deduction.

If anyone knows for certain, please tell me. Otherwise, I'm keeping what I've got.


RawkStahr said...

But due to said carbohydrates and the naturally sugary-sweet flavor--and thus, honey's useness as a sweetener to foods and drinks--wouldn't it be under Fats and Sugars?

Brutus said...

I regularly talk with an RD/LD licensed Dietician. Will that do, for an authoritative source?

BTW, there is a (very) little shop in Bryson City, NC that is interested in selling mead. All their gear is local, small operation stuff.

peony said...

Having been a party to your youthful quest, I will add the answer given, over the telephone, by the University of Wisconsin Extension Service (this IS a direct quote): "Well, honey is bee poop and poop just doesn't get included in any food group." Still, and always, my favorite answer. Does that mean mead is Poop nWeen? (not wine/not beer)