Saving Nine.

I'm healing well from my accident nearly a month ago. I can walk easily and stay on my feet for hours. I can almost take stairs without a hand rail. All signs are that I'm going to make a full recovery.

That was until a few days ago. This passed Thursday I began to feel a tingle under part of the wound that has nearly healed over. On Friday it had progressed to burning and most of Saturday I was gritting my teeth over it. Cuts and scratches routinely itch or throb or feel uncomfortable in any of a dozen ways as they heal. Initially, I thought that was the case. Today, though, I noticed that one of the tiny little scabs over where they had threaded my stitches was hanging loose, clinging to a hair, I thought. I tugged on it and out slides a piece of surgical stitching.

They had left three quarters of an inch of surgical suture filament in my friggin knee!

The spot isn't red and hasn't drained any fluid so it's not infected, just freaky.

What the hell?


Peety said...

That is insane :) You can always fule a lawsuit (evil grin).. Wishing you a speedy recovery..
Thanks for your words of wisdom and the visit :)

btw it is me, Peety from http://peety-passion.com

Esai Ahrae said...

the same thing happened to me when i had knee surgery! i was sitting on the couch watcthing tv and my knee kept itching and itching. finally i looked down and saw something sticking out... when i pulled it... out came the freakin surgical stitch!

Jeffrey said...

So you didn't end up taking them out yourself? Again, wish I were in ATL...I for damn sure wouldn't have made that mistake AND you wouldn't have had to pay.

Jeffrey said...

Speaking of medicine in Atlanta, one of my best friends is doing his residency at Emory, will be living around Virginia Highlands. He happens to be tied with you for the #1 spot in the 'raw brainpower among Jeff's living friends' category.

Is this anywhere near you? I'm selling our property on Lake Lanier and so will be IVO ATL in May.