Cranial Byproducts.

What is it about distraction that leads to inspiration? All too often I find myself with my attention divided. I might be walking, working, cooking or engaged in some task that occupies me but that is not intellectually arduous. I then have a fantastic idea for a blog entry, for a story, for an invention, for a vacation, for anything at all, really.

Most of the time, though, my activity prevents me from acting on that idea. I'm busy with my duties in the workplace or I'm going somewhere on foot and I have no pen or paper. Later, when I sit down to put that idea into a concrete form, it refuses to flow. It sits in my brain like a constipated turd, refusing to come to fruition. Nothing is more frustrating.

I need some way to capture these ideas and it needs to be better than carrying a pad and pen because, too often, the idea flees when I pause my activity as if the idea itself and the work are inextricably linked and, when one ends, so does the other.

Maybe one of those digital voice recorders. That, or a midget with a didactic memory.


Peety said...

Thanks for the tip.. I will see if I can find that tv series that you recommended.. Unfortunately , I live in Europe and we do not get that much American tv and when we do it it is a few years behind..ha-ha

Everyone experiences, writers block..
First things is don't give up.. *hugs*

Jeffrey said...

I always have a little 4x6" rite-in-the-rain notebook and an all-weather pen with me. In civvies, it goes in m back left pocket, very inobtrusive. If I ever see you again, I'll give you one.

I capture some friggin GEMS that way...but more often look back at my scribblings back at home and realize that it was the novelty of the idea, and not its quality, that got me writing.

Still, some good stuff gets captured.