Let There Always Be Never Ending Light

He was subtle,

Subtle like a piano from the sky.
Subtle like an extinction impact.
Subtle like a vodka bottle to the face.
Subtle like a young Macaulay Culkin on speed.
Subtle like the 1812 fanfare.
Subtle like a Whitesnake concert.
Subtle like a mushroom cloud.
Subtle like two terrorists brawling in the street.

"You know that thing we do?"
"Where we entertain no one but ourselves?"
"Yeah, I think we're doing it right now."

Two years to the day.


peony said...


He had that gift of making one feel, no matter how many people laughed, that he was sharing the joke just with you.

He will always be missed.

Violet by Design said...

"that thing where we talk in a secret way using obscure turns of phrase and oblique references to inside jokes?"