Government Whip Cracked Across Your Back

While environmental standards, labor fairness requirements and financial regulations have an economic impact, most such arguments against them are pretty slipshod.

Every regulation, ever deregulation, every bit of zoning, every piece of public construction, every road built, every education initiative, every state acquisition, every public referendum, every federal program, has some sort of economic ramification. For that matter, basically everything of any consequence has an economic ramification. That doesn't mean that we scuttle good works for fear of the disapproval of dead presidents.

We have legislated whole industries out of existence and given birth to multi-billion dollar businesses with the stroke of a legislative pen. While the interest rate questions, the credit rating questions, the job questions need to be asked, they need to play second fiddle to what is morally right.

Put another way, public health policies that extend lives aren't putting an unfair burden on undertakers.

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