Like Sands Through the Hourglass

The guy at the next table over sat down at the same time that I did. By happenstance, he and I both pressed the power buttons on our laptops at the same moment. My machine is now fully on, booted up, logged into and wirelessly connected. I have started my browser, checked to see if I have any emails, which I didn't, navigated to Blogger.com and written all of this and he is still waiting for his long-on screen to come up.

I should point out that his machine is obviously much newer than mine. I think that's Windows 7 that he's running. (He just got to the log-on screen) I remind you that we started our machines at the same time; this post will be finished and on the internet before his desktop icons appear.

By best guess, it's taken three and a half minutes for his machine to come up and it's not done yet. Mine did it in under thirty seconds.

All Linux, all the time, baby.

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John Myste said...

If you had told me you were going to write an article about LINUX, I would have said: "How boring." If you had told me you had just written an article about LINUX, and then I read it, I would have said: "How boring." You did not tell me the article was about LINUX. It was pretty good.