Republicans Will Get us All Killed

I'm not too happy with the Democrats right now. They've squandered a staggering number of great opportunities this past year. This is not entirely their fault, mind you, just mostly their fault.

Despite my present discontent with the Democratic party, I can't see myself ever voting for a Republican, as their party currently stands, in a major election.

This is not for any of the obvious reasons. It's not because they're corporate shills, warmongers, fearmongers and authoritarians. It's not because they're anti-education, anti-regulation and anti-abortion. It's not even because they're largely corrupt. The Democrats have most of these same problems to nearly the same degree as the Republicans.

No, it's because they're Christians, specifically, that the party is overrun with Evangelical, Dominionist Christians that believe in the infallibility of scripture including, as Bill Hicks once expressed, "That wacky, fire & brimstone, Revelations ending."

These people believe that, sometime very soon, God is going to rend the flock from the faithless, send the believers to heaven, the rest to hell and leave the Earth to ashes. Moreover, they're looking forward to it. They're counting the days to armageddon like a kid to Christmas. I can't speak for anyone else but I cannot cast a vote towards giving the nuclear launch codes, the CDC and the mightiest fighting force ever assembled under one flag to someone who thinks the end of the world is a good thing.

Don't believe the rhetoric. Don't believe anything about saving the unborn, preserving the free market, defeating the terrorists or restoring the framers' vision. Fundamentalist Xians don't want peace, they don't want prosperity they don't want to curtail government. What they want is what they've read in the last chapter of a book they don't even understand. What they want is a generation of bloodshed and suffering followed by the snuffing of the human race in a global halo of holy fire that would leave the Earth a stone cinder.

And, they will do anything to get it. Vote for anybody else.

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Jolly Roger said...

I do hope the Jesusistanis continue to make the noise they're making right now, though. It's good for my personal agenda.

Tom Harper said...

After the Rapture has come and whisked all the Dominionists up to Heaven, I wonder who gets all their stuff.

Beekeepers Apprentice said...

I agree, Thomas.

Anonymous said...

Many a true word is spoken in jest...................................................

Ricardo said...

That sir is the reason why I can't vote republican either. I am to freaked out by the religious nut jobs. they are not well those guys.

krissthesexyatheist said...

"T" I totally agree with you that it would be so dangerous to have an End of Timer with access to the "button." If things did go all Rapture-y, it would be human made. Hell I wouldn't put it beyond an evangelical a-hole to end the world just so they can get a glimpse of Jesus. hope that never happens. Take care, homie.