I Rarely Post Links

But anyone that I've gotten even slightly interested in Ubuntu should read this:

Primer on how Linux and Windows differ.

Happy reading.

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Tom Harper said...

If I switch to Linux it'll be because I finally got tired of Windows' bulkiness and cumbersomeness and bells and whistles, most of which I don't even use; they just clog everything up.

Also, Linux is mostly off the radar of hackers and virus-writers (unless that's changed).

I started off on those old fashioned computers where you did everything by typing in commands in the DOS menu. If that's how Linux works, that's fine by me.

nursemyra said...

Tom, do you know the link you leave with your comments at my blog no longer works? I've been meaning to tell you for a while

nursemyra said...

Still not working... are you going to fix it? you lose potential readers when you leave broken links on my site

nursemyra said...

Sorry Tom, you'll lose me as a reader too if I have to keep googling your blog to leave comments