He's an Ox and he's a Moron

I don't know what kind of work they do but the side of their truck says, "We specialize in everything."

I wonder if they even understand why I find that funny.


Laura said...

Leave him alone. He does the best he can.


peony said...

Where did you see this truck? I need them to come do everything at my house....tree trimming, gutter cleaning, a little roof repair, build some bookcases, floor buffing, yard clean up, rip out the evil ivy infestation, flower planting, painting, bathroom remodeling, basement water-proofing, some walls in said basement, laying some parquet flooring....wow, I NEED a couple of guys that do everything! You saw this truck on April Fool's Day,
right? If I've learned anything in all these years it's that guys who do "everything" don't exist. Sad, so sad.

Proto said...

it's just not special anymore... huff