Posting Will be Scant for a While

They tell me the reason that reality shows are so popular with networks is because they are so easy to make.

I don't know who came up with that because this gig is wearing me out.


RawkStahr said...

But just think:
A) You're getting paid a nice amount of money a week;
B) You're work will be getting national exposure;
C) You're gaining experience in an area in which you didn't have much before;
D) The TV execs aren't the ones that actually have to make the show, so that's why; and
E) You're getting to scout out stores and restaurants from which you can surprise me for my birthday in 38 days (but who's counting?). Something gawdy and needlessly expensive, please!


waldo said...

Jeez I just got here. Tell that one about the preznit again!