Before You Throw my Heart Back on the Floor.

In matters of faith there are times when, "We don't know," is a perfectly acceptable answer. Indeed, there are likely times when it is the only acceptable answer.

Distrust anyone who would say otherwise and claim to be selling wisdom.


Dwight's Writing Manifesto said...

Hear hear.

[Slow clap]

(Now if I could just get you to acknowledge that your atheism/agnostism is another form of faith and the same rules apply... Baby steps.)

Thomas said...

your atheism/agnostism is another form of faith

It's hard to be an atheist or an agnostic when one is as deeply religious as I am.

peony said...

Perhaps the best word would be "spiritual". A spiritual person is not an athiest, is not an agnostic, and is not necessarily "religious" as the word pertains to any specific religion/sect within a larger category (ie Christianity, Judaism, Paganism, Muslim). You are a little outside the mainstream, but you are also very spiritual.