I Love America.

I love my country. Even more importantly, I love the principles on which it is founded. But, Gods, You People Make It So Fucking Hard.

As a proponent of basic American values, I'm obligated to defend the right of others to say whatever they want, no matter how stupid, foolish, irresponsible, hateful or demonstrably false what they say may be. I can't help but feel that this liberal ideal is being abused by people who would, if given the chance, rob others of similar rights. Freedom of speech is being exploited by people who don't much support privacy rights, due process or freedom from cruel and unusual punishment. It's certainly being abused by people that think freedom of religion was a bad idea.

Luckily for the dominionists, the creationists and the faux conservatives, real liberals aren't willing to jettison ideals like freedom of speech no matter how appealing it would be to compel that very vocal and hugely misguided minority to simply shut the fuck up.

So, keep talking, assholes.

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Dwight's Writing Manifesto said...

Jack Chick tracts next to the link for O'Reilly! Priceless!

Makes me wonder if you know anything about either beyond the part where Media Matters stuck their respective sweaty socks under your nose and told you to chase the bad men.

Chick was virullently anti-Catholic. He's his own cult. You could search for years and not find a single Jack Chick tract in a mainstream denominational church.

For that matter, I'll give you a dollar for every Christian bookstore you can find which still sells Chick tracts. Doesn't John Birch have a web site? You can actually find one or two of those nutjobs still in circulation occasionally.

O'Reilly is a deeply conflicted apologist for the Catholic church. He's not an evolutionist. He has publically admonished Huckabee for elevating religious rhetoric into the political arena.

O'Reilly does champion the right of the crazy-Right to live in the same universe as Code Pink, Cindy Sheehann, and the crazy-Left.

(He's also is the first to shout down crazy-Right mouthpieces like Ann Coulter and Ted Nugent.)

More to your point, Creationism isn't as disperate a concept to Evolution as you choose to believe, or you wish the voting public to believe on your behalf. There's plenty of logic/faith room for both concepts to co-exist.

Any Christian who uses the metaphorical text of a thrice-translated book as if it were a literal instruction manual is a pain-in-the-ass. This accounts for only a small percentage of clueless Christians.

Trust me, Fundementalists irritate rational Christians as much as they irritate you.

Well... Okay, maybe not as much as they irritate YOU, but...