Read My Lips...

While the rest of America hollers herself hoarse about the possibilities of an election nearly a year and a half away and while pundits and spin doctors obsess over every machination of campaign subterfuge, how about a quick and honest thought about the nature of government.

Categorically, I will vote for any candidate that gets up on national television and says the following:

"I will veto everything."

I say it again. "I will veto absolutely everything that congress sends to the White House. We have too many laws and I will see as few new ones as possible created during my tenure. My default action on any piece of legislation will be to veto. I will sign only acts of congress that are constitutionally mandated as periodic duties of the government, such as the annual budget. Baring that, no bill that does not deal with an overriding and pressing issue of American security or economic stability will receive my signature. Furthermore, I will allow any grandfathered legislation to pass out of law without renewal unless there is a similar such need for its continuance and I will issue a list of laws that I will approve for renewal before the election."

The age in which the finances and fates of the American people are simply the playthings for a handful of over-entitled honkey geriatrics needs to come to an end. A promise like this might make some progress in that direction.

I'm not getting my hopes up, though.

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Jod{i} said...

Sooooo you running?