For Wo/Man is the Head of the _________ as Jesus is the Head of the Church.

Going with my constant assertion that, once an argument becomes completely intractable, it's time to throw out all of the existing arguments on both sides and find some new ones because, clearly, the one's we've got aren't going to get us anywhere, here's another thought on gay marriage.

If all people, regardless of race, gender or class, are equal under the law, then why do women have a right or privilege that men do not, namely, the legal ability to marry a man? Contrawise, why are men granted the right to marry women when women are not allowed to do the same? A number of high court precedents, most notably the landmark Brown v. Board..., have held that the constitution makes no provision for equivalent but separate sets of rights for different classes of citizens. If a single person is granted a right, privilege or ability by act of law then that precise action must be available to all people without regard to extra-legal factors.

Absolutely regardless of any moral issues that are presented by same sex marriage, there can be no legal construct that allows for precisely equal rights for both men and women, ergo, either everyone is allowed to do everything or no one is allowed to do anything.

Personally, I vote for no one but I've already talked about that in some detail.


Anne Johnson said...

This is a novel take on the issue. Bravo!

Peety said...

Marriage - ......... No comment or words for..

However you stepped on a few valid point.. Such as, "rights"!! The Laws do need to change... Equality for women around the globe? Women still earn less than men???? This is an international crisis... That should be addressed, nevertheless no one dares speak about it?

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Autumn Zephyr said...

This is an interesting way of looking at the situation. Now I have some food for thought.

Anna Venger said...

You've been tagged for a meme. Hope you don't mind and will play along.