She Wants Your BABY.

Don't believe everything they tell you about small towns. The best coffee shop east of San Francisco. The EPK guy shaved his head and now nobody recognizes him. Bob Shelly blew some stuff up (of course). From set you could see the Milky Way, provided the 18k wasn't shining. Free dawg, free dawg. Fonzie is the pecker, Icarus is the flyer and that has some symmetry. Hilltop houses, miles from civilization, at the end of dirt roads have great audio ambiance, except on race night. I bribed two of my bosses with home brew. Beau Duke doesn't like liberals and Shawn doesn't need his hands to drive. I never get tired of riding on the back of a stake bed. Yer MOM, my NUTS and whut goin awn? I'm the only one that can sleep on the provided beds. We're going to call this one, "A122, 76pt, B134B, 127,129,131,133ser, take 4." Kiss, ZZ Top, a bunch of wardrobe hippies, a Soviet Ex-pat, a whore with a mohawk and the Devil all went down to Georgia but I didn't get a hat. And, the AD and I agree that witchy equals sexy.

Conjurer wrapped this morning. I just went to eleven.

Check the gate.

Good Gate.

Moving on.

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