Noisy Red Whiteness

I would love you with
The constance of the night sky,
With the even hand
Of always rising and eternal setting stars.
But that would be too easy,
And easy, I'm not allowed.

So, I love you like the even,
The unerring, the constant hum
Of the power box outside
My bedroom window.

It's less schmaltzy-fairytale-boddice-ripping-bad-promise romantic,
It's true.
But no less true.

Like that hum,
Love invades my thoughts, distracts my contemplations, interrupts my sleep and wrecks my solumnest moments.

But, it's always there,  not demanding of me, not imposing on me but reminding me of things that I'd forgotten I'd forgotten.

You should, take the time to listen.


Violet by Design said...

i vote: more poetry in general.

peony said...

I agree with VbD. And Vote for VbD but that's not news.