We Supply the Pictures & They'll Supply the War

I've been fed up with media-ized news for some time now but just to drive home the ineptness of that industry I'd like to point something out.

In recent days, as the major networks and the 24 news channels have harped on the blithering back and forth over healthcare reform proposals so watered down from their original intent that they resemble political homeopathy, as everyone went bat-shit over the drunken rantings of Kanye West and as right-wing blowhards tittle over the songs that school children sing, a number of vastly more important things have happened.

The largest trove of Anglo-Saxon treasures ever seen in the UK may revolutionize our understanding of dark ages era Britain.

The US Army in cooperation with The National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Disease have made a breakthrough in the development of an AIDS vaccine.

Oh and we found water on the surface of the moon.

I've seen barely more than a blurb about any of these stories on any of the major television news outlets. I've seen plenty about the two guys in the Bahamas that were trying to blackmail John Travolta, though.

Seriously people, where are our fucking priorities?

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Ricardo said...

Not only that but you have stupid arguments on both sides of the healthcare thing. Both caricatures of what we should be talking about.

The vaccine is quite exciting but they fear that a mutation of HIV may render it useless.

Your Other Mother said...