The Enemy of my Enemy?

I don't understand why the Republicans are so opposed to socialized medicine.

If we had a nationalized universal healthcare program they could, under the guise of preserving the health of the population and conserving tax dollars, regulate all sorts of activities that current law prevents them from touching.

They could outlaw premarital and gay sex, since those are obvious disease transmission vectors.

We all know that abortion causes breast cancer.

Those big festivals that celebrate counter-culture movements, civil disobedience or play anti-authoritarian music, way to high a probability that someone would get injured or perhaps use a dangerous recreational chemical, they'd have to go.

Pornography causes all kinds of mental illness, didn't you know. And, kinky sex? Oh, lord no, someone could get hurt.

If they could find a peer-reviewed study that indicated prayer bettered one's chances in an illness they could mandate that everyone go to church, an evangelical protestant church, that goes without saying.

Never mind, of course, that cheerleading and golf are, statistically, among the most dangerous pastimes in America. Those are just too damn wholesome. Smoking would remain legal, of course, because all of the tobacco states are redder than a submissive's buttocks. And, no one ever got sick from breathing petroleum exhaust or being exposed to petrochemicals.

Really, I don't see why the republicans are against it. It could really be a boon for them and that's before considering all the money they could give to religious hospitals.

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AutumnZ said...

Spoken like a true smartass :-)