Yesterday's Values Living in Tomorrow's Industry

As a teen, I never experienced the restlessness of youth. I never complained to myself about the great things I should be doing. I never felt oppressed by the expectations of the world and I never chafed against authority and opportunity. The words, "until I can get out of here," were always spoken by others and not by me.

As an adult I have come to have these feelings that I lacked as a youth.

More bothersome, as I approach the beginning of my third decade, none of the people that felt and thought this way fifteen years ago continue to do so. What did they know then that they don't know now? Likewise, the reciprocal.

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Kvatch said...

Wait...wait, there's another one coming for you: A realization that the time remaining is growing shorter and shorter.

I'm now into my 4th decade and the awareness that I may never accomplish anything of lasting value is starting to weigh on me.

Tom Harper said...

I don't remember the exact wording, but Gandhi said something like:

"Nothing you ever do will be significant, but it's still very important that you do it."

AutumnZ said...

I heard it called a "quarter life crisis".

peony said...

Perhaps...you were wise enough to know you were building the solid base you needed for your future. Perhaps you successfully met the expectations of that period of your life. Perhaps you didn't chafe at authority because your authority figures trusted you and you repaid that trust. Perhaps you embraced the opportunities and learned from them. Perhaps being here gave you most of what you needed to reach NOW.

And perhaps the other's had smaller dreams they've already achieved or abandoned. And perhaps you now need to move to the next phase....still with tenacity, still with energy, still with heart.

Always...the lovers, the dreamers, and you.