Why is it that no one can seem to engage their brain while grocery shopping?

Does something about institutional lighting and badly waxed floors inhibit higher function in everyone but me?

It seems that when most people attach themselves to a shopping trolley the things they once knew about piloting other wheeled craft whisp out their ears as if propelled by the mist-makers in the produce aisle. Steering, right of way and the base idea that one doesn't simply abandon the vehicle when something shiny catches one's notice, are all gone. Children run wild, uncontrolled and unsupervised up and down the rows of neatly arranged merchandise. How someone can meditate over a shelf full of tuna for a quarter hour, I will never understand.

This is why I prefer to do my shopping late, late at night, when the store is functionally deserted.

Finding a cashier at that hour, that's something else.

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peony said...

Both the feeling of having entered Never Neverland via the portal of your supermarket and the basic need/desire to shop in relative quiet (while wending one's way around the pallets of items to be restocked) is either inherited via "I have lived with this" osmosis, or it's genetic. Take your pick. Sooner or later you'll be writing monthly menus and shopping only once a month, with a list. Hey, don't knock it until you've tried it and your grocery bill drops bt half!

Rakanuj said...

I've seen you shop; you're not immune.