Just a Day Fading into Another

There is a school of thought in modern physics that holds that time is neither linear nor progressive. The entropic arrow notwithstanding, this school of thought holds that our perception of time as an advancing parade of causes and effects is an illusion, a perceptual byproduct stemming from the computational processes performed by the electrochemical computers we all carry about within our skulls.

Lacking the mathematical savvy and professional experience to critically evaluate the evidence, I neither believe nor disbelieve this supposition. Musing on this assertion, though, I wonder what other aspects of the universe that we accept as axiomatic might be our own biology deceiving us.


waldo said...

I had a friend, a psychiatric nurse, who said that every full moon, the ward for out of control patients filled up.

Tenore said...

I suppose those with an Eastern thinking mind may perceive every day as one anyhow.

The Taoists would see the two-directionality in everything.

Some creative folks like yourself might lose any sense of time while in a state of flow.

So even in the world of the mind, the realm of time is not an absolute...it would seem.

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