Heresy and Fart Jokes

A few years ago I found myself standing in the middle of a melange de faith, one Xian, one Jew, one Muslim, one Buddhist, one atheist, one Satanist and little ol' Pagan me. This was a bunch of amicable types who, upon realizing the religious plurality set about making light of it.

"My God's older than your God."

"My God's more merciful than your God."

"My God's more powerful than your God."

"My God's more personal than your god."

This went back and forth for several minutes in jolly fashion before I piped up with.

"My God outnumbers your God."

And that pretty much put an end to that.


peony said...

Thanks...I needed a laugh today!

Jod{i} said...

I need to remember this, oh and of course give good credit where due!