On the Wall of the NYC Natural History Museum

Treat the world well. It was not given to you by your parents. It has been loaned to you by your grandchildren.

-- Kenyan Proverb

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AutumnZ said...

I've missed you! I haven't been able to get to your blog for months and it's great to find you again.

AutumnZ said...

Also, while reading your other posts I see where you are itching for some good pagan discussions.

I have two blogs: One is my kitsch and giggles which is mainly about the day in and day out of this and that. It's light and fluffy.

My other is my spirituality place. It's an online coven of sorts called Pumpkin Hollow. I feel safe posting there because it's an invitation-only site. I was nearly burned at the stake at my kid's elementary school because some busy body Bible Beaters visit places like WitchVox just to see if there are any local people they can pray for and found several of my essays.

Pumpkin Hollow has it's share of blog posts about non spiritual subjects, but there is a wide range of pagans on this site, and some of the posts are really worth reading. If you would like an invite, email me at nimbus 1108 at charter dot net and I will send one to you.

I'm AutumnZ at the Hollow if you are interested in reading some of mine.