I'll Won't Hug Your Elephant and I Won't Kiss Your Ass

I try to be above it; I try to be aloof. I try and watch politics with the same casual disinterest that I read industry trades or financial reports, keeping a conscious distance and knowing that my ability to influence events, while not null, is negligible. It doesn't work, though. I can't muster the detachment and the more I pay attention, the more angry I get.

Like I said before, I'm a registered Independent and have been for my entire voting life. I used to think that there was a happy middle. I used to think that Conservatives and Progressives, each a group of fundamentally good people working towards what they thought was best, each holding a kernel of truth on a variety of issues, each acting in good faith and each willing to work with the other would move the country forward by inches. But, I stopped believing that a long time ago.

For a while I believed that Conservatives, especially religious conservatives, were actually bad people. I thought they were greedy, power-grubbing bastards who cared much more about money and victory than about the welfare of the nation. At this same time, I thought that Liberals, probably in the form of Democrats, were poised to rediscover their principles and make the nation great again. I don't believe either of these things anymore.

I've realized that we're left with a one party of idiots and one party of assholes and frankly, I'm sick of it. I don't want legislative progress. I don't want new party initiatives. I don't want process stories and horse races. I don't want hand-holding and I don't much care if the two sides find common ground. I just want them to quit being a bunch of fuckups with their heads so far up their asses they can probably lick their own tonsils.

I don't want bipartisanship; I want politicians to do the right thing.

I want Republicans to realize that 'the free market' is not a panacea for economic and social ills and I want Democrats to realize that not all social and economic problems can be solved by state intervention.

I want Conservatives to quit fetishizing Personal Responsibility [TM] and admit that far too many people are victims of circumstance. I also want Liberals to quit facilitating a culture of victim-hood that insists no one is at fault for their own station in life.

I want the Right to stop quietly blaming minorities for the country's problems. I want the left to stop loudly proclaiming that middle class White men created all the worlds evils.

I want the Republican Party to have a sense of moral justice & I want the Democratic Party to have a spine.

I want both parties to kick the religious right to the curb and tell them that this is a secular nation and that these false debates about evolution, abortion and public faith are over, the way they should have been thirty years ago.

I want both parties to realize that you can't enrich a society by impoverishing art and science.

I want everyone in public office to realize that flag burning, gay marriage and gun control aren't even close to being our biggest problems right now and I would really like it if they would stop calling each other Socialists and Nazis.

I want the leadership from both columns to look at the financial crisis, the housing crisis, the debt crisis and all the financial woes of the last several years and realize that, Democrat and Republican, this is your fault. And, I want voters all over the country to realize that it's our fault as well for putting these power mad, bread and circus, cocksuckers in office in the first place.

Fuck Everybody.

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Tom Harper said...

Very well said. I can't think of anything to add.